ActiGraph's Reimagined Logo, Website, and Mission Statement

At ActiGraph, we're proud of our history of partnering with clinical researchers around the world, helping them collect high quality data through fit-for-purpose wearable technology solutions. Today, we celebrate the future of ActiGraph as we officially introduce a company rebrand that’s a reflection of our continued commitment to driving innovations in digital health.

We are excited to share ActiGraph’s new corporate website, reimagined  visual identity, and updated mission statement! With these changes, ActiGraph’s brand better represents our advanced digital health technology (DHT) solutions that empower the clinical research community to change how treatments are studied and developed.



ActiGraph’s new website has been designed with the needs of the industry in mind. We’ve incorporated customer feedback to produce a clean user experience with faster performance. It’s now simple to navigate key resources and important information about the tools that are transforming clinical trials and academic research.  We invite you to explore the new site, where you can learn about our team’s scientific initiatives and the latest updates to our range of products and services.

ActiGraph Logo Timeline

ActiGraph’s new visual identity centers around the redesign of our logo - a logo that, up until now, has only undergone minimal changes since it was originally designed almost 20 years ago. Our vision was to create a more modern and inclusive logo that incorporated elements more closely aligned with our current identity.

The most important elements of our new logo's design are the three colorful dots, or data points, which represent the three core pillars of our business. These three points are placed in a way that symbolizes our company’s story and our complete, end-to-end solutions that help our customers navigate the journey from raw data to meaningful clinical outcomes.

The first red point in ActiGraph’s logo represents our technology. Our trusted remote monitoring platform and FDA-cleared wearable devices form the foundation on which we’ve built our reputation. As ActiGraph continues to grow in many areas, we will always prioritize providing reliable, state of the art DHTs. The position of this point references ActiGraph’s original logo and the history of our company. It’s also at the heart of everything we do, so the placement is front and center.

The second teal point in ActiGraph’s logo represents our dedication to operational excellence. Successful data collection can be complicated, but the cumulative experience and resources of our team means we’re prepared to overcome barriers and partner through all stages of clinical development. We’ve doubled the size of our operations team in the past two years to focus on logistics, data management, and project management to better support our customers’ requirements in global clinical trials. The position of this point references how we always “dot the I’s and cross the T’s.”

The final chartreuse point in ActiGraph’s logo represents our scientific services. Arguably the most innovative aspect of our business, an internal team of world-class scientists are constantly working to improve algorithms and consult clients on fit-for-purpose DHT applications in a wide range of therapeutic areas. This team helps connect our clinical trial customers with the rich body of evidence produced over the past twenty years through our work in academic research which has produced over 23,000 peer-reviewed publications related to physical activity and sleep monitoring. The position of this point forms a bridge between our technology and the end-result of our work: accurate patient outcome measures.


ActiGraph: Pioneering the Digital Transformation of Clinical Research


ActiGraph’s new mission statement, "Pioneering the Digital Transformation of Clinical Research," encompasses what has differentiated us since the company was founded. It is also what continues to motivate our team to innovate every day. We are dedicated to realizing the power of technology to help get the right treatments to the right patients, faster.


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