More Sensors. More Data. Unparalleled Performance.

Here at ActiGraph, we’re a bit obsessed with data and data quality. Because our CentrePoint® platform primarily captures actigraphy data, we are specifically focused on raw actigraphy data. Used as an input and coupled with newer and better algorithms, this continuous, high-fidelity data provides novel insights into treatment efficacy and quality of life that had previously eluded us.

It is therefore no surprise that our raw data system was an immediate focus of our product development roadmap. The goal was simple - make raw data available immediately. To accomplish this, CentrePoint® would need to be infinitely scalable with unparalleled performance, thus allowing us to provide near real-time wear compliance and fast raw data access for in-house analysis by partners and clients.


Raw Data System Migration

After initiating the project last year, we released our first improvements in December 2021. Specifically, raw actigraphy data was moved into a Snowflake-based implementation that allowed for greater flexibility and scalability. Anyone who has endeavored to change the underlying database technology without impacting the system’s runtime knows that it can be a daunting task. Our technology team had therefore designed the new raw system in such a way that it could run in parallel with the old system. This approach is also a testament to ActiGraph’s quality focus since this setup allowed us to compare the data in both systems and guarantee the same platform behavior before and after the upgrade. The only downtime our platform users experienced was when we performed a hot switch from the old to the new system. Because the platform was able to receive data from our devices without any interruption, there was no impact to study participants.


Improved Partner Integrations

The second goal was to provide clients and partners near real-time access to the raw data. Though it was possible to get API access to the raw data in prior releases, the architecture was not scalable as the requested raw data file format (AVRO or csv) was constructed on the fly, which taxed the system unnecessarily. This was especially true in cases where all the data was requested at the end of the study, rather than in the order it was received. To overcome this problem, we created a new public raw data API that was added to the platform in January 2022. This new API co-exists with our old raw data API, meaning that existing studies are not impacted by the upgrade and each client can decide when or whether to use it.

If clients decide to take advantage of the new API, it will need to be enabled and the file format defined for the study. The files are created automatically after a data upload, and upon completed file creation, an API request can be triggered by a webhook with basic or oAuth2 authentication. Thus, only bandwidth limits the performance of this new public raw data API.

Expanding the Platform with More Sensor Data


Now that we have improved CentrePoint’s® infrastructure and capabilities, it is time to add more types of data to the platform. Our next project was initiated last year when a client approached us with a requirement to use actigraphy and temperature for a sleep study. Given that our CentrePoint Insight Watch® – CPIW – has temperature sensors embedded within the actigraphy sensors, we decided to perform some experiments to see whether the temperature reading from the device would be sufficient to improve our sleep and wear time algorithms. The results were so promising that we decided to add CPIW with temperature to our device offering, and subsequently surfaced the temperature data in our platform.* Our next release, currently in development, will include a study configuration that enables temperature collection, as well as upgraded firmware for capturing temperature and related new data surfaced in our platform. Temperature data will be available as raw and epoch data. Our planned release in Q1 2022 coincides with the release of our CPIW 2.0 device, which also includes a glass anti-scratch watch face, as well as some improved components.

We are very excited about these improvements, as they herald a new chapter for the ActiGraph platform. Our product roadmap is constantly evolving to keep pace with innovation, and we’re certain these changes will improve the quality of research conducted with ActiGraph devices.

This, however, is only the beginning. We will continue to improve our platform and devices at an aggressive pace to further benefit the development of life-changing drugs and therapies. 

Stay tuned...

*temperature sensor data is for investigational use only



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