Heysi Barrientos

Heysi Barrientos has had an incredible impact during her time at ActiGraph so far. Heysi supports ActiGraph’s talented technology team in planning and communication through the process of hardware and software releases. She works to implement new functionality to the CentrePoint platform, which provides raw signal data, filtered epoch data, and activity and sleep measures that support clinical research.

Heysi’s outlook on life and the future at ActiGraph is truly inspirational. As she explains, “I am so excited for what our team can achieve through ongoing initiatives that will influence and revolutionize our space. Ongoing development projects will allow us to stay at the forefront of the digital biosensor data movement and I look forward to being a catalyst in achieving our goals and delivering innovative new technology.”

Heysi playing volleyball


Heysi's Hobbies

Outside of her work with ActiGraph, athletics have always been a big part of Heysi’s life, providing a mental and physical challenge in addition to a restorative outlet for her competitive nature. She trains and competes in volleyball tournaments around the greater Gulf Coast area, which allows to stay active at some of the most beautiful places along the Gulf Coast.


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